Bangin Perfect Char Burgers

There is nothing like a burger on the BBQ grill to satisfy an appetite. Sometimes you can use a little help getting that old school charcoal taste on your burger. Maybe you are grilling on a gas grill OR perhaps you are pan frying a burger indoors in a pan. Either way our BanginMeats Perfect Char Seasoning can add that perfect charcoal taste to your burger. Our seasoning even makes store bought frozen burgers taste awesome! Never settle for "just good"...make your meat BANGIN Meat!



Fire up your BBQ grill or pan ahead of time and get it nice and hot. Take your fresh or frozen burger and literally coat (and I mean COAT) the entire surface of the burger with our BanginMeats Perfect Char Seasoning. You cannot over season the burgers with our activated charcoal seasoning. The burger will look black when you have it properly seasoned. Place you burger on the grill or in the pan and cook until done. Our charcoal seasoning will add that charcoal grill look and taste to your burger with very little extra effort. ENJOY!

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